Mossa Engineering

Mossa Engineering provides a set of consulting and engineering services, which aims at lowering investment risks, increasing efficiency of the investment project regarding the setting-up of confectionery, pasta production and other food products.

The range of services includes four stages of works:

  • Stage 1.C.Consulting: Development of investment project based on market analysis, competitive environment, client capacity analysis and evaluation of risks and financial efficiency of investments. Following stage 2 the consulting part includes the development of the business plan.
  • Stage 2. E. Engineering: Comprehensive engineering of the project – “Turnkey” production line, “Turnkey” shop, “Turnkey” factory and structural design of project’s model.
  • Stage 3. P. Project Management: Project governance, supply of equipment, installation, launching, personnel training and transfer to operational control.
  • Stage 4. S. Support: Monitoring of the project after transfer to operational control.

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