C.E.P.S. contract

The range of services includes four stages of works:

  • Stage 1.C.Consulting: Development of investment project based on market analysis, competitive environment, client capacity analysis and evaluation of risks and financial efficiency of investments. Following stage 2 the consulting part includes the development of the business plan.
  • Stage 2. E. Engineering: Comprehensive engineering of the project – “Turnkey” production line, “Turnkey” shop, “Turnkey” factory and structural design of project’s model.
  • Stage 3. P. Project Management: Project governance, supply of equipment, installation, launching, personnel training and transfer to operational control.
  • Stage 4. S. Support: Monitoring of the project after transfer to operational control.

engineering services


Development of investment project based on market analysis, competitive environment, client’s capacity evaluation, evaluation of risks and financial efficiency of investment, including:

1. Formation of proposal per product lines, which are feasible for production at the new factory as per the criteria of their demand in the market, as well as project objectives and product selection criteria, set by the Client.

2. Budgeting of preliminary list of technological equipment, which is recommended for the production of the proposed products. Preliminary substantiated evaluation of budget for construction/repair of production facility for the production of the selected products.

3. Preliminary evaluation of feasibility of the project to build confectionary based on the preliminary volume of required investments, average industry-wide profitability, average price of selected product groups in the Russian market. Calculation of period of payback and requirement of credit, as per the share of shareholders’ investments.

4. Preparation/conduct of presentation for the investors as per preliminary project (including representing interests in the bank if needed). Making decision regarding the feasibility of further development of investment project.

5. Following the completion of Stage 2, preparation of detailed business-plan as per international standards (the cost of clause 5 is included in the coast of Stage 2 Engineering).


Comprehensive engineering of projects for “Turnkey” line, “Turnkey” shop and “Turnkey” factory, establishment of financial models for the project include:

1. Development of detailed product table.

2. Development of technical tasks for the selected products so that the engineers-designers could enquire with equipment suppliers: Technological description of product, development of preliminary recipes and technological process cards for each SKU.

3. Audit of Client’s production facility (if one exists).

4. Selection of potential suppliers, dispatch of enquiries, gathering of proposals by equipment suppliers, who can supply equipment as per the set specifications. Selection of the optimum proposal.

5. Engineering-technological designing of the manufacturing complex: up to three variants.

6. Evaluation of investment volume required for modernization of production of selected products.

7 Expert opinion of investments in construction.

8. Structuring of financial models of confectionary projects (combination of production lines):

2.8.1. Formation of sales plans

  • Development of optimum sales plan in the main groups section for 5 years.
  • Evaluation of necessary marketing costs for the achievement of the set sales plan.

8.2. Preparation of production plan:

  • Formation of production plan on the basis of the sales plan.
  • Brief description of the production process. Calculation of the number of production personnel. Calculation of power consumption.
  • Calculation of cost of production of main groups of products.
  • Evaluation of the necessary running capital for the confectionary: raw material stocks and stocks of finished products, settlements with suppliers and consumers.

8.3. Preparation of financial plan for the implementation of the project. Evaluation of project’s stability in case of changes in internal and external environment.

  • Forecasting of cash flow, revenues and costs.
  • Compilation of forecast reports regarding profits and losses, assets and accounting of financial movement.
  • Evaluation of project efficiency. Accounting of NVP, IRR and PI of complete investment costs, NPV, IRR, PI of own capital, NPV, IRR and PI for banks, NPV, IRR and PI for regional and federal budgetary authorities. Calculation of periods of simple and discounted payback of project.
  • Development of various scenarios of implementation depending on various conditions of internal and external environment.
  • Evaluation of efficiency of various scenarios of project implementation. Accounting of NPV, IRR and PI.
  • Estimate of stability of the investment project against the changes in key parameters of internal and external environments. Estimate of project risks. Key risk factors, and their qualitative evaluation. Development of measure for the reduction of influence of key factors of risk on the outcome of project efficiency.
  • Selection of the planned scenario. Formation of planned values of key indicators of the investment project. Selection of one of the investment project’s variants. Making investment decision.

Project Management

The set of services rendered to the client during the running of project, include

1. Compilation of a detailed plan of implementation of project using MS Project. Management of project schedule to make sure the timely identification of risks of delays or interruptions on part of the project actors (client, equipment manufacturer and other contractors).

2. Further approval of technological project of confectionary by design or construction company in case of construction or reconstruction of building for the confectionary.

3. Monitoring of main stages of equipment manufacturing at the producers’ factories – monitoring of quality and adherence to the schedule (since a delay from one source would cause delay in the whole project).

4. Development of product recipes, testing and tasting of products at manufacturers’ facilities in the course of equipment preparation. Passing on of recipes and product samples to the Client before the dispatch of machinery, to enable him to buy necessary raw materials, in order to reduce the time required in starting production.

5. Development and approval of the sizes of packing materials (sizes of wrapping films, boxes, packets, cartons etc.), testing these materials at the manufacturers’ facility in the course of machinery preparation, to enable timely ordering of materials to reduce project launch period.

6. Handling machinery supply and customs clearance:

  • Assistance in timely dispatch of machinery from the manufacturers’ factories as per the schedule. In case of signing of contracts for the purchase of machinery by and between the client and the equipment manufacturer, we provide all necessary documents for custom clearance of the machinery.
  • Supply of equipment as per schedule. In case of signing of contract for the purchase of equipment with Mossa Group Europa, we provide you with all documents for customs clearance of machinery.

7. Supervised installation and/or installation of manufacturing complex:

  • Assistance in organizing supervised installation of machinery in case of signing of contract for equipment procurement by and between the client and machinery manufacturer. Approval and control of in-time issuance of visas by the representatives of manufacturers, scheduling of arrival/departure to optimize manufacturers’ costs and reduction in the periods of installation. Assistance in settlement of differences during installation.

8. Production of products using Mossa resources. Approval and acceptance of finalized product recipes.

9. Training for Client’s production staff, development of instructions and transfer of instructions regarding the complete functioning of the complex to the Client’s management.

10. Transfer of factory to under Client’s management.

11. Legal liabilityis fixed in the contract for Stage 3 “Project management” in case of errors during the design of Stage 2 “Engineering”, by means of independent liquidation of such errors and start of production of products as per the table of products (outlook, taste indicators, productivity) signed in the Appendix to the contract.


The range of project support after transfer of operational management, includes:

  1. Warranties
  2. Technical support
  3. Comparison of planned financial indicators of the project with factual ones.
  4. Compilation of recommendations in case of deviations.

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