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Mossa Engineering Company offers its clients C.E.P.S.™ contract services in confectionery, macaroni, food and processing industries. C.E.P.S.™ contract is a service of general value engineering of investment projects consisting of consulting, engineering, investment project management services and subsequent project support.

  • C. Consulting is preliminary analysis of the proposed/selected idea yielding profit exceeding interest expenses (NPV> 0); Assessment of the investment risk or the risk of investment return within a much longer period of time than the planned one is the feasibility study of the “idea”. The E. Engineering stage is followed by development of a detailed business plan, building of the financial model (including the estimate of the funding needs, FCF, DCF; IRR, NPV, pay-back, forecast balance and earnings guidance). Preparation of the investment memorandum. The customer makes the decision about the expedience of development of the investment project.
  • E. Engineering is development on the basis of the feasibility study of the selected “idea” of: the detailed table of products, process worksheets, statements of work for equipment manufacturers, organization of the tender among equipment suppliers, preparation of a detailed specification of the equipment, development of engineering drawings and charts of the production unit or plant, formation of a detailed budget of the investment production costs and costs forming the prime cost of the manufactured products. The customer makes the decision to begin financing or refuse from the project.
  • P. Project investment management is development of a detailed schedule of the project, project schedule management, delivery of all the equipment, organization of customs clearance, supervised installation (or installation) of the entire set of the equipment, launch of the end product, personnel training. The line, production unit or plant is transferred into operating management to the customer.
  • S. Support – for several years after transfer into operating management of the line, production unit or plant: technical support, control of the financial indicators of the project, development of recommendations for performance of the financial plan of the project. The customer makes the decision about the need to make changes in the operating management of the project.

The C.E.P.S.™ contract is integrated in the general investment process of the investor consisting of investment, creation of the investment object, operation or operating management of the investment object and its subsequent reconstruction, sales or liquidation.

The C.E.P.S.™ contract enables the customer to speed up the process of creating the investment project, to reduce the risks and to raise the efficiency of investments through attraction of a team of specialists of Mossa Engineering Company throughout the period of work at the project. The team of specialists consisting of the project manager, marketing specialists, financial analysts, process specialists and engineers work at the project starting from the moment of the search for the idea, moving in a spiral, polishing it step by step (developing products, strategy, business model, trademarks, selecting variants of technological and technical solutions), up to the moment of launching of the investment object, personnel training and transfer of the investment object into operating management to the customer. The investment object is “a turn-key line”, “a turn-key production unit”, “a turn-key plant”. At the customer’s option the team of specialists further monitors the financial indicators of the project and develop recommendations allowing elimination of deviations.

An additional advantage of the C.E.P.S.™ contract offered by Mossa Engineering is its discreteness as opposed to its complexity. Upon completion of every stage the customer has the possibility to implement the project independently or refuse from further implementation of the project. The objective of the C.E.P.S.™ contract is higher efficiency and lower risks of the customer’s investments.

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