Mission and values

We find and implement effective solutions increasing the value of your business and provide excellent service.

Mission of Mossa Engineering

The mission of Mossa Engineering includes search for ways to increase the profits and value of business of our clients. Mossa Engineering Company offers its clients C.E.P.S.™ contract services in confectionery, macaroni, food and processing industries.

A C.E.P.S.™ contract is a service of general value engineering of investment projects consisting of consulting, engineering, investment project management services and subsequent project support. Based on the tasks of our clients we offer effective solutions. The result of our work must be increased efficiency and value of business of our clients. We strive to build an effective, professional, reliable, mobile organization based on knowledge. We are sure that out contribution to creation of high quality and safe products will increase their value for the society and end consumers. Mossa Engineering is a client-oriented company and, therefore, is widely recognized; this recognition has been practically fully ensured by the loyal clients. We guarantee Mossa Engineering employees a stable, fair and worthy income, provision of the possibility for intellectual development, self-actualization and career growth. We provide our suppliers and partners with the possibilities ensuring growth of business and desired sales volume.


Fairness and honesty. All our decisions are based of fairness and honesty. We are honest with our clients, employees and partners.

Logic and common sense. All our decisions are based on logic. We can explain why we do “this”. All our actions must be consistent. All our actions and decisions are based on commons sense and reason.

Economy and profit. We are a commercial organization and, therefore, everything that we do must bring us profit in the mid and long term. WE need profit to achieve our mission and to maintain the viability of the organization. We also understand that all our partners are also commercial organizations.

Effectiveness . We are aimed at effectiveness. We consider that it is constant increase of effectiveness of our work alone that will enable us to achieve our goals.

Team spirit. We think in the “we” rather than “I” category. We do everything together. We are at one in achieving our goals.

Persistence. Only persistence, labor and lack of fear of mistakes will enable us to achieve really worthy results. We will go all the way – and only so!

Quality. Quality is not our goal; it is a necessary condition of our work.

Knowledge. The future of our company will be based on experience, knowledge, imagination and skills.

Details. Even the smallest details are very important for us! Everything is built on “little things”.

Drive! We must like everything that we do and be motivated by it. We will always strive to solve global, challenging tasks difficult to accomplish.

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